Glasgow Medical Humanities Network Website

The medical humanities complement, contextualise and critique purely biomedical, technological or other reductive accounts of what it means to experience illness, encounter disease or transact a therapeutic relationship. In addressing how we comprehend health, sickness, disease and “the embodied life”, such concerns are examined from a range of professional and patient perspectives.

The Glasgow University Medical Humanities Network, supported by the Wellcome Trust, acts as a forum to connect individuals working across a range of disciplines and practices at the University of Glasgow, who are interested in the intersections of medicine, culture, and the arts and humanities. The site features details of past and current research projects, associated researcher profiles from University of Glasgow staff and students, a selection of relevant teaching materials, and details of collections and archives holdings. The site is fully accessible to the public, and is searchable via thematic keywords.

New contributors are very welcome – visit the site to add details of your research projects and interests.

If you have any questions, contact Megan Coyer or Hannah Tweed at for more information.