PhD Scholarship in Literature and Medicine, Lancaster

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Research scholarship in Literature and Medicine and/or Science, University of Lancaster

Number of bursaries: 1
Eligibility: Open to Home/EU and Overseas applicants
Deadline: 2nd March 2018

The Department invites applications for a PhD in English and/or Creative Writing focused upon the relationship between literature and science or literature and medicine from the Early Modern period through to the present.

Topics might include, but are not limited to: the influence of science and/or medicine on novelists and/or poets, or vice versa; literature that challenges or complicates the idea that there are ‘two cultures’ between the arts and the sciences; science or literature as metaphor; popular science writing; the therapeutic effects of writing in terms of bodily or mental well-being; the intersections of science, technology and literature; the Medical Humanities; the use of fiction as the expression or representation of chronic pain; speculative fiction; post-humanism; environmental or eco-critical writing; and drugs and literature. Interdisciplinary projects are strongly welcomed.

The bursary takes the form of a fee waiver for the duration of an individual’s PhD studies and a contribution towards maintenance costs. Applications should be made on the appropriate application form and should be sent to Mrs Leila Atkinson.

Award criteria: The scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis. Candidates for a scholarship will be ranked based on the following criteria in order of priority:

  1. Potential for an original contribution.
  2. Evidence of scholarly ability:
    – clear and concise description of the study
    – awareness of current literature in the field
    – understanding of research methodology appropriate for an early stage postgraduate student
    – a research project that can be completed within the timeframe allowed for a PhD

The application form is available at For further information, please contact Professor Sharon Ruston (

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